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You now can post your pictures on this site !
If you have any photos that you might have of Stephen 0r with
Stephen in Les Miz, Christmas Carol, The Broadway kids, Commercials,
out in NYC,  etc..

SEND PICTURE TO Webmaster and make sure you put in the subject

Please make images in Jpeg Format and the larger the better.

Grant & Stephen

Heather & Stephen
I saw Stephen on November 11, 2001 in New York City with Broadway Kids and on November 17, 2001 on Long Island

This is Justine with Stephen after a show on October 6, 2001

Stephen, Kristine & Jennifer

Kim & Stephen

Stephen & Kim Stephen & Kim Stephen & Kim

Well, I promised you the pic of us and Emma. (by the way, emma
is the little one on the bottom if you remember),
and I'm on top.
That's my sister with Kathleen, Heather and Gemini. She loved the show also.

Well, enjoy the pictures!


This is when I saw Stephen in GYPSY, me and him are really close now

This is when I was giving Stephen a book that my friends and I made him



Me & Jordan

Stephen & Hallie Eisenberg Kristin Klabunde as Annie and friends Kristin Klabunde &Hallie Eisenberg


Kristin Klabunde

On the rides with Christiana    


Stephen on stage performing for Symbol in Las Vegas

Stephen before his performance for Symbol Technology Las Vegas ADM Productions crew with Stephen Stephen on stage performing for Symbol in Las Vegas